Refreshing Spaces

Hello friends! We have been on giant mission of refreshing spaces in every nook and cranny here at home. Somehow I feel like we are slowly heading to normalcy. Since we have been home so much lately, I also have had time to take stock in what’s important and also notice what is not. This has made me dig deep and take some real inventory on all the stuff we sometimes are surrounded by and just don’t realize it because life is moving so fast. So we are on a mission to buy less, remove the clutter, paper, and stuff that no longer has meaning. It’s going to take a while to remove, paint and refresh every corner. Every room is getting a paint refresh or redo. Walls, closets, furniture, pillows, artwork, decor. EVERYTHING. I feel a sense of turning a page of sorts. I need a change even if it’s only in my personal space.

odds and ends dishes - refreshing spaces

One of my favorite quotes about this is the one from Anais Nin. Her timeless quotes are so relevant even today. Her quotes on life are some of my absolute favorites.

“When I cannot bear outer pressures any more, I begin to put order in my belongings. I get satisfaction from perfect order in my papers, in my clothes, in the house. I carry this to excess. As if unable to organize and control my life, I seek to exert this on the world of objects.”
Anaïs Nin

I will let you know how it’s going to. First project was to replace the curtains in the living room. Done and done. It’s like another house! It’s amazing what something relatively inexpensive can do for a space.

And speaking of refreshing spaces, we are also refreshing the way we eat. We are slowly moving into a Low Carb Mediterranean diet style of eating. Stay tuned for more on this and all the great recipes that are forthcoming!

We have personally have had so much change in a small span of time. Some good, some not but we try to live in the moment and try, try hard, not to fall into a pattern of trying to control what you can’t.

Tell me, what are you doing differently now that you weren’t doing a year or so ago?

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