How to Grill Pineapple

I’m going to show you how to perfectly grill pineapple for dessert or to add to anything else that your heart desires. This is one of the easiest recipes for dessert and especially for a crowd. Perfect for summertime entertaining!

When is a pineapple is ripe?

Pineapples can be a little tricky. My rule of them is that they be firm with a small amount of softness when you apply a little pressure to it. Also, I typically buy them when they have yellow on the skin like the photo show below. Ideally the pineapple should have a little green on the top and more of a yellow tone at the bottom. When the pineapple is fully yellow and soft, it’s too ripe. Too much green and your pineapple will not be ripened. Note the leaves on top are not perfect, but they tend to wilt when the fruit is ripened.

pineapple on cutting board

How to remove skin from pineapple

Trust me when I tell you that your pineapple will be extra juicy and flavorful when you peel your own pineapple. Ready to eat pineapple is good but the freshness is compromised. It’s just the nature of the fruit. Most ready to eat fruit loses its flavor that is protected with the skins. So my advice here, buy and peel your own when possible. (It’s also more affordable.) Pineapple might seem a little bit intimidating but it’s pretty easy to do. See below for step by step.

How to Grill pineapple

Now we move on to grilling the pineapple. You can choose an indoor grill pan or you can grill the fruit outside. Whichever way you choose, just make sure your grill is clean and free of debris. For me it’s easier to use an indoor grill pan. You can brush melted butter, sugar and cinnamon as an option and this will help in the caramelization process. I like grilling the pineapple on its own and allowing the natural sugar to lend to the sweetness and caramelization. The grilling part is the easiest: on a hot grill or grill pan, place each pineapple spear on the grill or pan. Grill about 5 minutes on each side or until the pineapple has some good grill marks and is semisoft. Note not to grill too long and the fruit will fall apart.

Remove from grill and allow to cool on platter before serving.

What to serve will grilled pineapple?

My most favorite way to serve grilled pineapple is with vanilla ice cream and a Spiced Rum Butter Sauce. It’s so good!!!!

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