How to Roast Chiles

Today I will show you How to Roast Chiles and how it easy it is! I use the same method to roast bell peppers or any other kind of pepper that needs roasting like Hatch chiles, Anaheim etc.

This is a quick way to roast a few chiles for a favorite recipe on your stovetop. To roast larger quantities, I recommend using an outdoor grill. This will keep the roasted Chile smell outside and you are able to roast larger quantities much faster. As another alternative, use your oven.

We have a wonderful recipe that requires Poblanos or Hatch chiles in the recipe, it’s our Mexican Salpicòn de Res. This is a perfect method to quick roast a couple of Chile peppers for a recipe using your stovetop.

Two things that are important: use tongs and ensure you are not wearing dangly sleeves on your blouse or have anything else to get in the way.

I’ve provided photos of all the steps below. This is easy, but you just need to be careful for both using the stove or the grill.

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